The Peopletime Leadership Training Programme

Designed to help those who have landed that big promotion or who are taking a first step into management at a new company. It is also designed for those who may be in a leadership role and need to develop their skills a little further.

Due to the scope of the training, we deliver the training over half day sessions to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to discuss specific issues and investigate different scenarios.

The delivery of the training will be remote and is a combination of lecture, discussion and activities to ensure all attendees are actively involved in their learning.

Content of Leadership Programme 3. Absence Management

There are many different types of absence that require a variety of approaches. This module will cover the different types of absence, legal requirements, best practice and tools available to effectively manage absence.

An effective absence management framework should support the health needs of employees while providing clear and consistent guidance to avoid unauthorised absence or inappropriate use of sick pay schemes. This section looks at the main causes of absence and why having an absence policy is important for an organisation.

Return to Work interviews are one of the most effective ways to manage attendance and reduce absence. By carrying out return to work interviews, and making it clear in your sickness policy that you will do so, you can discourage unauthorised and non-genuine sickness absence. By asking employees to explain their absence face-to-face, they also deter dishonesty. In this section, we look at how to conduct a successful Return to Work Interview.

This section is an in-depth activity looking at a diverse range of absence scenarios to problem solve. The activity and subsequent discussion encourage leaders to consider many factors and how there is never only one solution.

We finish off by looking at how to manage employees through the absence process including holding a formal sickness absence review meeting.

In this section, we look at what disability is and how people with disabilities are protected in law. We look at the importance of dealing with absence fairly and consistently and we also look at the employer’s responsibility and legal obligations with regards to reasonable adjustments. We finish off with a look at what can happen when an employer gets it wrong.


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