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    Welcome to Peopletime

    Your Outsourced Payroll Services, HR Services and Health & Safety Company

    We offer you a full range of professional, accurate payroll services, HR outsourcing and Health and Safety services for all types of corporate and charitable organisations, SME’s and small businesses. Outsource your payroll and HR services to Peopletime today and let us help you manage your company employees in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

    Touch-free technology for clocking in

    PeopleManager is our web-based HR and Time & Attendance Software that is secure and easy to use for both employees and managers. It allows employees to clocking in using their phones and personal devices or use the latest facial scanning technology which can store up to 4000 employee templates.

    Why Outsource

    Organisations outsource services for different reasons and our approach is to understand each client’s needs and then provide them with the services that they require.

    However to give you some food for thought here are some key reasons to consider  outsourcing:

    •  Improve quality

    • Improve availability of resource

    • Reduce cost

    • Improve efficiency

    • Innovation

    • Access to proven software solutions

    Reference Guides

    Sometimes you just need an easy to access reference to everyday HR or Payroll legislation to help you make decisions or plan for the future. We aim to provide just that, a few quick reference guides on everyday things business owners or managers need to know. Click to view or download.

    Latest News

    Working from Home – What Next?

    The legal requirement to work from home where possible may soon be coming to an end.  Whether homeworking has been working for your organisation or not, now is a critical time to assess your strategy moving forwards, and make decisions in response to the many questions you are no doubt receiving from your workforce.  As…

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      By providing your email you agree that Peopletime may send you updates on their services from time to time, as per their Privacy Statement. You understand you can unsubscribe at any time

      PeopleManager is our Web Based Modular HR and Payroll Submission Software

      It allows employers access to sophisticated HR and Payroll technology without specialised IT equipment or the need to purchase features they simply won’t use. If you are looking for a HR and Payroll Submission system which will allow you access to all your HR data in one place, give you flexible management reporting, HR tools such as organisation charts along with accurate Payroll Submission and the option to use our Time and Attendance module with biometric clocking in machines then PeopleManager might be the solution for you.

      We aim to achieve

      Pragmatic, professional advice 100%
      Excellent customer service 100%
      Value for money 100%
      Excellent Responsiveness 100%

      Don’t just take our word for it…