Since October 1st 2006 all employers or people with control over a workplace have been obliged to take steps to ensure they have a “suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment” in place.

These responsibilities apply if you employ 5 or more people, own licensed premises or have an alterations notice in force. Each organization is obliged to keep a hard copy of their fire risk assessment on the premises available for inspection at all times.

Our comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment service should give you peace of mind that you have addressed your legal obligations. We will attend on site at your premises and report back to you with details of our findings and recommendations.

This includes the production of an audit report and policy document that will cover the following:-

  • Details of responsibility for fire safety within the premises
  • Management of Fire Safety policy
  • General description of premises / area
  • Workplace occupancy
  • Fire safety systems / equipment within the premises
  • Identification of any Fire hazards
  • Structural features that could promote the spread of fire
  • Assessment of people at risk
  • Fire safety floor plan (subject to you providing base plans to mark up)
  • Assessment of means of escape
  • Required Fire safety signs
  • Required Maintenance
  • Emergency action plan
  • Training obligations
  • Significant findings action list

The Peopletime solution is easy, convenient and cost effective allowing you to meet your obligations in an uncomplicated, easy to use way.

Our on-line fire risk assessment program can be used from your own premises and is suitable for single and multi-site organizations allowing you to complete your fire risk assessment, with full guidance at a time and pace that suit you.


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