360 Feedback – What is it?

An opportunity for your employees to receive a broader assessment of their work performance than is provided by the traditional One on One appraisal.

It involves several colleagues of the person being appraised giving their views on different aspects of the appraisee’s performance in a structured and constructive way.

What are the advantages?

For the individual

For the individual, they get a much more rounded view of how people in their employing organisation view their performance. This in turn should help them with focussing on the key areas for improvement and development. It will also give them more credible positive feedback as they will know that the good things that are being said about them are widely perceived in their workplace.

For the employer

They should achieve better performance as their employees focus on the key areas necessary for their continued improvement. Each time an appraisal takes place it is an opportunity to drive standards and skills up in your organisation.

When the results from 360 feedback are looked at on a wider basis across the whole of a business, it can help to identify areas where that business may have skill shortages and, conversely, also unearth hidden talents that may be transferrable to other departments.


How does it actually work?

Very simply! Those participating are briefed on the benefits of, and their role in, the process. Questionnaires – either on-line or paper based – are issued to the relevant employees with clear guidance on how to complete them. The results of the questionnaires are collected, analysed and guidance given to your managers on how to interpret the results and feedback to the appraisee.


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