Every Business Needs Effective Employees

Like all areas of your business, assessment and review is crucial if you are to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our range of Employee Support Services can help you keep abreast of your staff issues and our consultants will support you in instigating initiatives to improve employee performance and wellbeing.

Every year business days are lost due to employee stress. Our service aims to help in this sensitive area resulting in improved employee wellbeing, retention and absenteeism. We offer:

  • Stress Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Employee Counselling and Mediation
  • Staff Surveys
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Culture Change programmes
  • Team Building
  • Impartial Investigation in to work place incidents

To help you assess which services would best suit your needs we conduct employee surveys and analyse the results to provide you with information to assist in building your overall HR strategy.

With our support you can look at the areas of concern and develop plans to address them, improving staff morale in your business with its consequences on loyalty, absenteeism, staff relations, productivity, job satisfaction, staff retention and profits.

HSE guidelines expect employers as part of their normal risk assessment process to ascertain the level of employee stress with regard to six key factors. If employee satisfaction is below the required standard your business needs to consider ways to address this.


Speak to a member of our team who will be happy to visit to discuss how our employee support services can help your business.


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