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The coronavirus has prompted a renewed focus on Health and Safety, especially infection control, and many employers are exploring how to record employees’ working times in a way that gives them confidence that they are taking appropriate measures to protect their employees along with the clocking data they need to record in an easy to use, flexible way.
Peopletime is able to offer Covid-19 friendly Time and Attendance solutions if you are facing this issue.

Staff concerns around their own safety is a common issue with many employees expressing reservations about using the more traditional methods of recording Time and Attendance such as finger scanners, hand scanners and swipe cards, with even collective signing in sheets being a worry for some. We can help you alleviate those concerns whilst still meeting your operational needs to accurately record the hours and pay for your employees.

Using either our Touch Free Facial Recognition units or by using our Clocking on Your Phone technology in conjunction with our highly configurable and flexible PeopleManager software, it takes the hard work out of managing your employee hours and compiling your payroll data.

Facial Scanners

Our Facial Recognition terminals are high quality units costing £550.00 + vat that offer no-touch identification technology. Its “Recognise and Go” option means that your employees can clock quickly and safely.
Its three-dimensional facial analysis and identification algorithm cannot be fooled by two dimensional images or photographs and is so accurate the manufacturer confirms it can distinguish between identical twins!
With a robust design to withstand the demands of daily use by organisations with large workforces and the ability to store up to 4,000 employee templates these units are flexible enough to suit any size of business and grow with your organisation.

Clocking on your Phone

Using your employee’s own mobile phone for clocking removes any concerns they may have about infection control and can also save your organisation money on the purchase of static time and attendance capture units.
The simple to use option allows you to record your employee hours and gives you a GPS location record for each clock.
This method is great for a more mobile workforce or for the smaller employer who wants a low cost solution.
Either of these options, along with our other more traditional methods of capturing Time and Attendance can be used in conjunction with PeopleManager to give you a flexible, user friendly, comprehensive range of tools to manage both your employees hours and pay but also absence management and a full range of other HR and Employee Communication options to streamline your people management processes.

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