To make your payroll more manageable and less time-consuming we can supply state-of-the-art biometric clocking in machines.

Used with our time and attendance system it helps ensure that you only pay for the hours worked.

Suitable for businesses of almost any size, they offer a considerable advantage against card-based systems and can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures.

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Benefits include:

  • Accurate and convenient way to monitor time and attendance
  • Considerable savings on costs associated with administering and managing cards
  • Fast and easy to install and use

The biometric handscanning systems that we recommend work by measuring certain dimensions of the hand which are unique to each person. This provides accurate monitoring of your employees attendance.

So how does this improve time and attendance at your organisation?


Key benefits

  • Helps to minimise time and attendance fraud, it eliminates ‘buddy clocking’ – where one employee clocks in for another
  • Protection of employees’ security – fingerprints are not stored and so cannot be retrieved from the handscanner
  • The biometrics terminals that we supply are designed and manufactured by Ingersoll Rand thereby offering a high degree of reliability and accuracy of performance


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