PeopleManager is our Web Based Modular HR and Time & Attendance Software System.

It allows employers access to sophisticated HR and Payroll technology without specialised IT equipment or the need to purchase features they simply won’t use.

PeopleManager will streamline your HR processes and enable you to access your employee information in an efficient and user friendly way giving you complete control over your data.

Many HR systems require a large commitment in resources to migrate and maintain employee data, they also often encompass tools that are not relevant or necessary for the average employer.  PeopleManager allows you to decide what you need from your HR system and select from our various modules to ensure that your system is both relevant to your business and easy for your team to use.  We assist with migration of your existing data and our system is designed to be as user friendly as possible so it can be used by employees with varying degrees of computer literacy.

  • Comprehensive HR records including Compliance, Benefits and Pay
  • HR Activity System – Records and Reminders
  • Absence Planner and Holiday Accrual system
  • Automatic Organisation Charts
  • Employee Compensation Statements – showing total remuneration
  • Management Reporting – Absence trends, Compliance, Employee Data, Turnover etc
  • Rotas including Gantt charts
  • Payroll Submission producing files for your payroll provider

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  • Wage % calculation
  • Employee Portal – employees can update their information, submit holiday requests, complete appraisal forms or access HR documents e.g. Handbooks
  • Appraisal Module – completely configurable appraisal module allowing you to tailor it to reflect your company criteria for success and key competencies for each job role ensuring that your appraisal forms are always relevant
  • Agency Module – allowing agency employers more specialised selection based rotas. Remote time sheet and expenses submission, client invoicing and cost/profit analysis
  • Time and Attendance & Clocking Machines – employee time and attendance module using the latest bio-metric clocking machines

Our fully supported Web based software means that you can access your full HR and Payroll Submission system from any computer with internet access.

PeopleManager allows accessibility for your managers or employees remotely if required and freeing you from costly IT upgrades and data storage issues.

If you are looking for a HR and Payroll Submission system which will allow you access to all your HR data in one place, give you flexible management reporting, HR tools such as organisation charts along with accurate Payroll Submission and the option to use our time and attendance module with biometric clocking in machines then PeopleManager might be the solution for you.

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