The Peopletime Leadership Training Programme

Designed to help those who have landed that big promotion or who are taking a first step into management at a new company. It is also designed for those who may be in a leadership role and need to develop their skills a little further.

Due to the scope of the training, we deliver the training over half day sessions to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to discuss specific issues and investigate different scenarios.

The delivery of the training will be remote and is a combination of lecture, discussion and activities to ensure all attendees are actively involved in their learning.

Content of Leadership Programme 2. Performance Management

Giving your employees regular feedback is vital in ensuring employee engagement and identifying areas for improvement. This module will cover best practice methods of performance review.

The beginning of employment is a critical time for both the new employee and their manager. The probationary period allows the manager to check the employee understands their role and to assess any training requirements. In this section, we look at the importance of a probationary period and how to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

The ability to assess situations and adapt our management response is vital. If we manage people well, good performance will naturally follow. This section looks at how to keep good performers motivated and succeeding and conversely, how to get poor performers back on track. We look at the ideal conversation structure, as well as some tips for tricky conversations. We also look at what a Performance Improvement Plan is and how to use one effectively.

Appraisals have been the mainstay of management for decades and for good reason. When properly managed, appraisals can contribute a great deal to an organisation. Here, we look at how appraisals can accomplish that. We also look at tips for conducting a great appraisal and how to have a brilliant conversation, using the PEAT growth conversation model to help people go from good to great.

Sometimes an organisation can encounter certain challenges which requires formal intervention. This section will cover disciplinary procedures, including forms of disciplinary action, investigations, employee rights, hints and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls. We look at a couple of cases and the potential cost of getting formal procedures wrong. This section will focus on practical advice and minimising risk to the organisation.


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