The Peopletime Leadership Training Programme

Designed to help those who have landed that big promotion or who are taking a first step into management at a new company. It is also designed for those who may be in a leadership role and need to develop their skills a little further.

Due to the scope of the training, we deliver the training over half day sessions to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to discuss specific issues and investigate different scenarios.

The delivery of the training will be remote and is a combination of lecture, discussion and activities to ensure all attendees are actively involved in their learning.

Content of Leadership Programme 1. How to become a Leader

Understanding what leadership is and how it has developed, is an important foundation for learners. This section looks at the meaning of leadership, and some examples of widely accepted leadership philosophies, models, and styles. This will help the learner to understand the theoretical basics of leadership and how it has developed over time.

The transition from team member to team leader is the place where so many aspiring leaders struggle. Employers often think that a great team member will make a great team leader but does not consider if they have the leadership/management skills to succeed. This section looks at how to move from team member to leader successfully and how planning for the first few months is critical to ensuring success, both for the leader and their team.

Effective communication is vital for any leader to ensure the team knows what to do. It is the foundation of management and we spend a great deal of time doing it. This section looks at the different types of communication; verbal, non-verbal and written. We also have an activity to underline the importance of generous/active listening.

Meetings are essential in the workplace but often they are not as productive as they should be. A poorly run meeting can waste time and demotivate people. In this section, we look at some top tips for running an effective meeting that ensures attendees understand why they are there and what they need to do as a result of the meeting.


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